Message from the Principal

Dear Wilson Families,  

We’ve had a very successful first quarter of school!  Thank you, parents, for your outstanding support!  Our staff and students were excited to share their goals and progress in the areas of literacy (reading and writing) and math at our fall conferences.  The first quarter report cards will be available to view on the Skyward Parent Portal  November 10th.  We will no longer be sending hard copies of the report card.

As you know, we have a lot of traffic congestion which causes safety concerns for our students each day before and after school.  We’ve met with the city engineers and police department, and we all realize that there is no way to widen or add streets to this area.  We already have decreased the size of our playground by taking many staff cars off the streets to park them on the playground in order to allow for more space on the streets.

Especially as we are heading into colder and possibly snowier days, please take time to discuss these 5 ideas as a family and also with all who are responsible for dropping off and picking up your children:

  1. Please plan ahead to allow extra time for patience and traffic!

  2. If you are parking and getting out of the car to walk your child to the door, please park in allowed areas, which may be a few blocks away (the police department does ticket around the area).

  3. Please consider dropping off/picking up your children 2 blocks away (away from the major congestion area).

  4. Remind your children NOT to cross in the middle of the street between cars, but rather walk to the corner, look both ways, and cross.

  5. Please be adult role models—obeying road signs on 87th, 88th, and Orchard Street (like when it says no parking, it means no parking--even if you’re sitting in the car) these signs are posted in order to avoid holding up traffic and blocking school sidewalks and neighbor’s driveways.  Another way you can be a role model is by treating other parents,  students and staff with respect.

All classrooms have discussed safety and have practiced crossing the street safely by walking to the corner to cross (not darting in between cars).  They also reviewed parking signs and areas.

Thank you for helping us do everything possible to keep all of our children safe!

Reminder, it is required that all parents and visitors enter our building through the main doors on 88th and Orchard and report to the office.

 As always, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or myself if you have any questions regarding your child’s progress. 

Mary Gottinger, Principal

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