One School One Book - 68 Rooms

For a second year Wilson students and families are participating in the One School One Book Program.  Each student in the building receives a copy of the same book and everyone reads it on the same schedule.  From the beginning until the end of the book, teachers plan different activities and games to go along with the chapters.  This program promotes reading at home and within our community.

This year our school chose the book The 68 Rooms by Marianne Malone

68 Rooms

At the beginning of the program, teachers created posters and flyers with "Keys" on them to generate a buzz in the school and to get students minds to start wondering.

The program was kicked off with an all school assembly where students were given more clues about the book they would be reading.  There was also a drawing for a "Key" to try and open up a book treasure box that was filled with art supplies.

Next, there was a Literacy Night where students were given more clues through a Reading Magic Show and then given their copy of the book.  After giving out the books, teachers read the first chapter aloud to their students.  Getting a free book was cool but I think the star of the night was the Reading Magic Show.

The 68 Rooms is an adventure story that focuses on the Thorne Rooms at the Chicago Art Institute.  There they have 68 miniature rooms set to depict different time periods.  As a home activity, students were encouraged to create their own miniature room that would represent 2015.  

Check out some of the Student Created Rooms

Along with this each class had to write opinion pieces on what items would go into a 2015 Classroom model.  These items were then scanned in the classroom and printed in miniature scale with a 3D printer.  A whole room was setup to the same scale as the 68 Rooms

Check out the 3D Printed 2015 Miniature Classroom